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Q: What is your style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)?

A: My style is my own. I combine a delicate mix of photojournalism, traditional, and depending on the venue and personalities of our clients, I will also use subtle fashion and fine-art styles. Take a look at my website and judge for yourself. If you like what you see I'm a good choice for you.


Q: Do we get a high resolution DVD?

A: Yes! I deliver an edited high resolution DVD with every wedding collection. All of the images on the DVD have been carefully cropped, color corrected, and ready to print.


Q: Can I print my own photos or post them on Facebook?

A: Other than commercial usage, you may do with them as you please at no additional cost. You can print them, post them to the photo-sharing websites (Flickr, Facebook, etc.) and email them to family and friends. 


Q: Do you shoot every wedding you book?

A: Yes, I only book weddings that I will photograph.


Q: Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?

A: Yes. All packages include a basic retouching process which corrects lighting, contrast and color. The photos selected for the album are given higher attention to detail. Click here to see my blog article on enhancing and editing.


Q: Do you do special effects processing or use Photoshop actions?

A: Due to popular demand, I will now create two sets of photos, one set will be natural and timeless, and the other will have a retro film look which may or may not stand the test of time, but you will always have the natural photos just in case.    


Q: The retro Instagram look is awesome, can you do these effects?

A: See answer above.


Q: Are your wedding collections flexible?

A: Yes. My goal is to help you find a wedding collection that fits your needs and budget.  I understand that every wedding is unique and although my collections fit most of my clients needs, I understand that sometimes I need to create a custom package to meet your needs.  Because it is difficult to convey the quality of my services over the phone; a no obligation appointment is a recommended, because seeing my work first hand is the best way to experience it.


Q: How long will formals take?

A: Depends on how many formals you want or how creative you want to be. Usually formals take between 30-90 minutes


Q: Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

A: I will gladly accept a small list and try my best to get these shots for you.


Q: Why will you not accept a large shot list?

A: Having large lists is a distraction and keeps me from capturing true spontaneous moments. If you like my style, that is what I shoot, if you want something else, then I would suggest you find a photographer that has a style more to your liking.


Q: I am having a beach wedding, when is the best time?

A: Morning and late afternoons are best for soft colors and light. Mornings have turquoise color and the light is cool and crisp and late afternoons give the water a deep blue look and the light is warm. In summer, midday light is especially harsh, making people's faces look unflattering. Flash can be used to combat the harshness, but it gives the images a bit of an unnatural feel.


Q: How many images do we receive from our wedding?

A: It depends on how many hours I am contracted for, the number of locations and the number of your guests, but you can expect 300 to 900.


Q: When will we get our photos?

A: Depending on how busy we are, we will make all images available in a private, password protected, gallery which you can view approx. 3-7 weeks after your wedding and the USB Drive will arrive soon after that.


Q: Do you bring back-up equipment?

A: Yes! I use two pro camera bodies and assortment of lenses and flashes to every wedding. My home workflow consists of downloading the images to my main hard drive, which automatically backups to two internal drives, one external drive, and finally I upload offsite to Amazon Web Services Cloud Server.


Q: Would you travel to be our wedding photographer?

A: My passport is up to date, travel and photography are my #1 and #2 passions.


Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: I've been shooting for nearly 20 years and I started shooting weddings in 2006. When I started, I was self-taught, but I have since then minored in photography, been to numerous workshops, and read countless books. "Once a person stops learning new things, life gets boring."


Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes, I accept MasterCard, Visa, cash, check, and PayPal.


Q: Is a retainer required to hold my wedding date?

A: Yes. A retainer of $500 is required to hold your wedding date. The retainer amount applies toward your final contracted fee.


Q: When is my final payment due?

A: Your final payment is due on or before your wedding day. Many people choose to make multiple smaller payments in the months leading up to their wedding day.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. We are fully insured with The Hartford Insurance Company.


Have a question that I did not answer? 

Call or text me 619.333.0099 or use the contact form and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.