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Call or text me at 619.333.0099 or email 

First and foremost, congratulations and thank you for your interest in ima|foto!

My name is Manny Salazar, and here is a little info on how I approach wedding photography. For starters, I take passion to the next level, one might say I obsess over creating beautiful imagery. I arrive at the location well ahead of my scheduled times to look for beautiful light, I then choose the gear that best accentuates the lighting and location. Because every wedding is different, sometimes I go 100% natural light and sometimes I best capture the mood by using lighting gear to accent the natural light. 

Whether you are spontaneous couple or more low key, I go with the flow and artistically capture the most important and delicate moments of your day, I do this by getting a feel for my clients. I don’t have a specific style, as I blend both photo-journalistic and traditional to create my own contemporary style.

I then spend countless of hours in the weeks following your wedding enhancing every photo, ensuring that each photo is looking its best and is ready for print. Of course, I also ensure that the entire collection of photos have a natural feel similar to film without resorting to gimmicky filters. After all I strive to create family heirlooms that will stand the test of time and give future generations a glimpse of your youth and shared love.

Honestly, I do not envy you, the task you have in front of you is no easy one. Selecting an artist to tell your story is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make in the upcoming months and one that will be with you for the rest of your life! Sure, seating arrangements can be tricky and deciding on whether the bar will be open or not are important decisions, but none carry the long term implications of your imagery.  Best wishes and good luck.